Attack Damage Janna


This week I explored the potential of ‘Attack Damage’ Janna. With excellent kiting capabilities, amazing enemy isolation, ridiculous AoE displacement, diverse escape mechanics and highly underrated synergy with dual ad carry bottom laners, Janna can be a menacing adversary towards aggressive bottom lane compositions. Specifically, AD Janna succeeds when her opponents underestimate her early game damage output and consistent crowd control mechanics. This build was tested in numerous scenarios and with numerous laning partners. As it is very possible to play AD Janna in top or mid lane, I suggest playing her as a fake support, while being accompanied by an additional AD carry; thus having fun by playing her as a mischievous back-line threat. Who targets the support first anyways… right? Continue reading


Welcome to BTM!

Break the Meta aims to offer a social platform for interested users to share, collaborate, learn and diversify their strategies within the League of Legends community. BTM’s goal is to diverge from standard game-play and help players learn how to have fun using dynamic and out of the box strategies.
There are many antagonists who disagree with these tactics, and thus provoked me into creating an online community to prove the world that players can be unique, be creative, and have a lot of fun, while still managing a victory. This community platform will enhance your everyday style of play, and you will have the opportunity to watch videos, read blogs, communicate with other players and make friends within the League of Legends community.

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