Attack Damage Janna


This week I explored the potential of ‘Attack Damage’ Janna. With excellent kiting capabilities, amazing enemy isolation, ridiculous AoE displacement, diverse escape mechanics and highly underrated synergy with dual ad carry bottom laners, Janna can be a menacing adversary towards aggressive bottom lane compositions. Specifically, AD Janna succeeds when her opponents underestimate her early game damage output and consistent crowd control mechanics. This build was tested in numerous scenarios and with numerous laning partners. As it is very possible to play AD Janna in top or mid lane, I suggest playing her as a fake support, while being accompanied by an additional AD carry; thus having fun by playing her as a mischievous back-line threat. Who targets the support first anyways… right?

–       High mobility and kiting potential
–       Excellent crowd control
–       Very high range
–       Good shield with AD boost
–       Passive gives movement speed
–       Excellent pursuit and harass

–       Squishy
–       Her skills don’t scale with attack damage
–       Needs items in order to do damage
–       Farming will be a problem, but snowballing with kills will make up for this

Summoner Spells

I recommend taking ignite or exhaust with flash as your summoner spells. I played AD Janna with combinations of exhaust/flash and ignite/flash; both were particularly effective, but each succeeded with different styles of play. Ignite allows you to maintain consistent damage on your enemy when battling against clutch heals and provides the additional damage to finish off straggling champions. Because of your Zephyr you will have a consistent slow that will close the gap between you and your enemy, so exhaust might seem less necessary. However, taking exhaust allows you to maintain that element of surprise in the early stages of the game (provided that you have an AD carry teammate laning with you). From experience with my current ELO, most adversaries don’t check champion statistics prior to making that important initial fight. Exhaust allows you to maintain your cover, reduce the attack damage of their carry and give you an additional slow on top of your Zephyr for the early double kill.


9 Greater Mark of Strength  9 Greater Seal of Resilience

9 Greater Glyph of Celerity 3 Greater Quint of Avarice

Take 9 Greater Mark of Strength’s to boost your early game damage output, 9 Greater Seal of Resilience to improve your defense, 9 Greater Glyph of Celerity’s to consistently have your crowd control skills ready for battle, and 3 Greater Quint of Avarice to improve gold accumulation due to limited creep score.


  • Offense 21: Standard AD carry masteries in the offensive tree
  • Utility 9: AD Janna has a lot of mobility and escape mechanisms, so instead of taking points in defense, I chose to take mana-regeneration and buff amplifier.

Ability Sequence

Max out your Eye of the Storm first, essentially giving you a bonus B.F Sword and an over powered shield. Take points early in Howling Gale and Zephyr for early crowd control and disruption.


Beserker Greaves – Boots are always situational, however if you want to increase early game harass and overall damage output, then grab these.
Trinity Force – Tri-force is simply a sexy item. The overall statistics and the unique passive will help you beat your opponents.
The Black Cleaver – A beastly item that shreds armor and will allow your team to steam roll through the enemies.
Phantom Dancer – Increases your damage per second, and gives you movement speed to further close the gap towards your adversaries.
The Bloodthirster – This item is your main source of damage output. Additionally, it will allow you to win those sticky one-versus-one battles and also allow you to regenerate health from jungle creeps.
Guardian Angel – You get two lives…enough said

Teamwork & Laning with another AD Carry

AD Janna is very effective early game because of her ability to isolate enemies out of position with her knock up from Howling Gale, and her slow from Zephyr. This allows you and your teammate to quickly close the gap towards the enemy while pounding away at their health bars. Additionally, AD Janna still functions as a great support whether or not you are the primary damage dealer.

Remember, there is no disadvantage for stacking attack damage in regards to her crowd control and displacement mechanics. Howling Gale can still effectively help you and your partner escape sticky situations while disrupting enemy channels and pursuits. Keep in mind that only the damage of Janna’s Zephyr scales with ability power; the duration of the slow is not effected by scaling, thus allowing AD Janna players to max out Eye of the Storm, while keeping her other abilities at low levels with little drawback.

Similarly, AD Janna, devastates squishy targets by isolating multiple enemies with her AoE ultimate Monsoon. Flashing in with Janna’s ultimate to break enemy positioning, followed by concentrated attack on enemy carries, who are isolated from their teammates will succeed in one-sided team-fight victories. Even if you are the first to engage, when positioned properly, you can not be focused because they will be out of reach from your initial execution. I recommend setting up your Howling Gale right before you engage, then when you flash/ultimate you’ll have a safety to escape if your allies are not positioned well.


  1. Pop Monsoon, push enemies to the wall or towards a friendly turret/ally, kill the carries, while still clumped up with your allies, and chase down the rest.
  2. Positioning is essential for AD Janna, Howling Gale and Zephyr when your partner is at the tip of bottom lanes ‘enemy side bush’ to gank is an easy kill. Take advantage of aggressive players who ‘face-check’ and dive into shroud of war.
  3. Set up Howling Gale before your Monsoon for insurance.
  4. Get early Dorans Blades… just do it…
  5. Exit out of your ultimate immediately after you cast it, then jump onto a out of positioned enemy. Use it primarily for displacement or interruption rather than for the heal. Also, don’t forget to save your partners with it too, they’ll be pretty happy if you do.
  6. Do not forget that you still have to buy wards.
  7. Consider asking your partners for help buying support items. For example, if you have a Jungle Maokai on your team, ask him/her to buy the Aegis of the Legion and Shurelya’s Reverie. This way you can focus on building attack damage items while not having to worry about the team composition.

Don’t Forget to Comment!

If you like what you see, please share it. If you happen to disagree with any of my tactics, leave a comment or contact me so we can have a great debate! Do you guys have any ideas for my next BTM post? Give this build a try, I guarantee that you will have fun!


One thought on “Attack Damage Janna

  1. Should probably get a Last Whisper over Black Cleaver as it’ll probably increase damage output more even if it does help the team a bit and maybe Zhonyas over Guardian Angel since you still benefit from Zhonya’s AP stats.

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