Ability Power Ashe



Greetings fellow meta busters! This weeks BTM is ‘Ability Power’ Ashe. Who knew how much fun pressing R could be? AP Ashe is radically fun, and exciting; it’s one of those builds that will make you jump out of your seat and  holler, “OHHHHH” when you snipe a fleeing opponent all the way across the map, or through the fog of war. One to one ability power scaling with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow whatttttt... Level 16 Baron Nashor steals whattttt… If you have never played AP Ashe, then you have been missing out on some great fun and laughs. This guide will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of AP Ashe, and help you survive through the laning-phase and the mid-game; so that hopefully you can get to spam your ultimate. If you are too aggressive, you’re going to lose; if you don’t get creep score, you’re going to lose; If you tower dive/chase, you’re going to lose; play smart, follow this guide, get the correct items, and you’ll win. I recommend playing AP Ashe as a mid-lane champion so that you have easy map awareness of both top and bottom lane.


  1. 100% Ability Power scaling with her ultimate
  2. Constant flow of nukes
  3. Global ultimate
  4. Fun fun fun


  1. Squishy
  2. Other skills don’t scale with Ability Power
  3. Tough early game
  4. Takes skill to accomplish

Summoner Spells

I recommend taking Ignite with Flash as your summoner spells. AP Ashe is very squishy and needs the extra escape, although she has Frost Shot to kite enemies, she has a hard time escaping multiple enemies at a time. Ignite is very useful for the added damage needed to finish off enemy champions and to add to the close range nuke combo late game. 


9 Greater Mark of Insight      3 Greater Quint of Potency

9 Greater Glyph of Celerity   9 Greater Seal of Warding

Take 9 Greater Marks of Insight to boost your Lich Bane/Volley combo, 9 Greater Glyphs of Celerity for the added 8.62% cool-down-reduction, 9 Greater Seals of Warding for the added resistance against mid-lane AP carries, and 3 Greater Quints of Potency for the overall damage output.


Ability Sequence

I recommend maxing out Volley first, it’s an excellent poke even if you are not scaling with AD and will be very useful when you purchase your Lich Bane. Take a point in Frost Shot early for the slow, this is important in case you have to escape sticky situations and have to kite. Max out Hawkshot after your Volley so that you can avoid unwanted ganks and reveal hidden targets. Remember that Hawkshot reveals enemy units in brush. Your ultimate is your main damage output in combination with Deathfire Grasp, Ignite, and Lich Bane; nuke them hard boys and girls. 


Ionian Boots – Your only spell that uses AP is Enchanted Crystal Arrow; you want high cool-down-reduction so that you can spam this spell.

Lich Bane – Your core item that will help you burst enemies down after casting Volley or Hawkshot. It’s also very good when pursuing an enemy at close range, casting your ultimate for the stun and slow, followed by the extra Lich Bane damage.

Deathfire Grasp – Start off by getting your Kage’s Lucky Pick for added gold per second and get this item after your Lich Bane for added Nukage.

Athene’s Unholy Grail – This item has amazing stats, it will help you with the cool-down-reduction, and give you a hefty amount of ability power and magic resistance

Rabadon’s Deathcap – Your core item for added ability power, don’t forget that Enchanted Crystal Arrow scales one to one with ability power.

Void Staff – Great late game item that will give you additional ability power and magic penetration to pierce enemy defenses.


Start off with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions, leash for your jungler then proceed to Mid-Lane. Your goal is to get to level 6 without dying, if you fall behind early then you will suffer a long painful twenty minutes before you can surrender (trust me I’ve been there).  Rush a Kage’s Lucky Pick and a Sheen, these two items are very important for you to be able to farm minions and obtain a constant stream of cash. Ask your jungler for Blue Buff…you’ll need it for the sexy cool-down-reduction when you’re level 6 and want to shoot off some nasty arrows across the map. I recommend buying wards throughout the laning phase because you are very squishy and can be nuked pretty hard. Positioning is very important for AP Ashe early game, if you are over-extended, out of position, not where you are supposed to be at the wrong time, you’re going too end up dead. From my experience, enemy junglers love to pick on players who try to break the meta. Just remember to last hit only and collect wraith camps when possible.


  1. Don’t chase…after you pop your nuke, you don’t have much left in the tank until your spells come off cool-down.
  2. Stay away from the center of team fights.
  3. NUKE! Arrow + Ignite + Deathfire Grasp + Lich Bane.
  4. Steal dragon and Baron camps.
  5. Shoot towards the path enemies are running towards, not placed on where they are standing when you fire it.
  6. Hawkshot triggers Lich Bane
  7. Survivability is always a problem for AP Ashe, be conservative, make smart choices, position yourself with an escape plan (with wards) and don’t over-commit.
  8. Don’t buy Dorans Rings, your other spells don’t scale with ability power so there is no point.
  9. Take advantage of your Lich Bane (Volley + auto-attack).
  10. If you have a feeling they are in the jungle even if you don’t have vision…Shoot anyways!!! You might hit that fleeing target running for his life. I’ve done it before, and so can you.


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