On-Hit Soraka

On-Hit Soraka



This week I explored the potential of ‘On-Hit’ Soraka. This build was designed for one purpose…RAPID FIRE LIGHTNING BANANA’s! AM-I-RIGHT?!… On-hit Soraka will devastate your enemies with high damage per second at reasonable range, in combination with her OP silence and AoE Q (Which reduces MR).


–       High mobility and kiting potential
–       Excellent damage per second
–       Can heal and silence
–       AoE Q that reduces MR
–       Shoots bananas…
–       OP global ultimate

–       Squishy
–       Her skills don’t scale with attack damage
–       Needs items in order to do damage
–       Really…there’s nothing negative about rapidfire bananas

Summoner Spells


I recommend taking ignite or exhaust with flash as your summoner spells. Ignite is great because Soraka needs that extra damage in the early stages of the game. You are squishy so take flash, for the clutch jukes.


mark9 Greater Mark of Strength seal 9 Greater Seal of Resilience

glyph 9 Greater Glyph of Celerity quint3 Greater Quint of Avarice

Take 9 Greater Mark of Strength’s to boost your early game damage output, 9 Greater Seal of Resilience to improve your defense, 9 Greater Glyph of Celerity’s to consistently have your crowd control skills ready for battle, and 3 Greater Quint of Avarice to improve gold accumulation due to limited creep score.


  • Offense 21: Standard AD carry masteries in the offensive tree
  • Defense 9: On-Hit Soraka is going to be in battle, so you will need to take armor buffs and health buffs to survive early before you get your items.

Ability Sequence

Max out Infuse first, the silence is necessary to pursuit enemies and catch them off guard. Take points in Astral Blessing next, healing on a dps carry is very useful. Sometimes it can be good to get points in Starcall at the beginning, however you won’t want to be casting spells, when you should be using basic attacks.



Beserker Greaves – Boots are always situational, however if you want to increase early game harass and overall damage output, then grab these.
Wits End – This item is great because it makes you a bit tankier and increases your dps.
Zephyr – attack speed, movement speed, CDR, and 35 tenacity
Statikk Shiv – New and improved lightning bananas
The Black Cleaver X 2 – 10% CDR; 15 armor pen; armor shredding passive; 250 hp; 50 AD… yup op
The Bloodthirster– Lifesteal + AD


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