Break the Meta 2.0

As we saw in the DIG vs CLG match on March 7th, when KiWiKiD took a spun at Gambit Gaming’s innovative Amumu support, it is clear that Season 4 has opened the door to new and exciting team compositions and strategies that have never been seen before in competitive play. New gold generation items and team oriented vision control has greatly expanded build variations and viable champions; specifically in the Jungle and Support roles .

Breaking the Meta in competitive play keeps League of Legends from getting stale, and makes the game more fun to watch and mimic. League of Legends succeeds because it is always evolving and the teams who not only can adapt, but innovate from patch to patch are often rewarded with victories and fame. This blog is taking a new direction, and will now begin to analyze, cover and highlight some of the very interesting champions and build choices of the LCS pro players. Stay tuned for weekly blogs following the innovative strategies by the pros, and feel free to leave a comment and share your opinions on my analysis and reasons why you think the choice was successful or not.