Break the Meta – Super Week


We are halfway through the season, and the spring-split playoffs are just around the corner. TSM and C9 are looking like the most promising teams for first and second positions, but CLG is quickly ascending. Ever since their acquisition of Dexter in the Jungle, CLG’s roster has been crushing as of late. Last week we saw CLG bust out the recently nerfed Lee Sin…and WOW I can’t believe Dexter’s amazing mechanical skill! His ability to Kick-Back Dyrus everytime he tried to Dragon’s Accent onto the team was fantastic, his performance was definitely a highlight of the most exhilarating game by-far.

What can we expect to see in tomorrows final Super Week matches?

ImageSo far we have not seen much of the Pro players Breaking the Meta in competitive play, at-least not for champion picks… But GOOD NEWS!~ since we are playing on the new 4.3 patch we can expect great great things. For one, “RAISE YOUR WHAT?” … That’s right! the Donger is back in town, and he will be bringing with him a new form of utility to every team fight. In the EU LCS, Youngbuck from the Copenhagen Wolves already demonstrated his magic, when he carried his team with an early 4/0/1 lead.


Check out for full schedules.



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