EU LCS – Superweek

The European final Superweek came to a close yesterday, and there is much to share!

Latest Results: SK Gaming sore to the top with an impressive 18-10 record. Fnatic came close behind with 17-11, and Alliance snuck in for third with 16-12.

The big story for me was Alliance’s Mike “Wickd” Petersen who finished the Superweek with a 3.1 KDA. He impressed me the most because he played a champion we have not seen too much in competitive play…IRELIA! With the unpredictable burst she can produce, it was hard for Wickd’s lane opponent Youngbuck to counter-play. Irelia is an assassin and a lot of players underestimate her power in the laning phase post level 4. She does have a few mana issues earlier on, and so she can be punished if the opponents know how to deal with her, but if she does get going (and she did), she becomes an unstoppable split-pushing machine. Trinityforce – Raduins Omen – Guardian Angel…once Wick’d accumulated these items, it was all down hill for the Copenhagen Wolves.

Stay tuned for more on discussion on the NA League Champion Series.

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