EU LCS – Superweek

The European final Superweek came to a close yesterday, and there is much to share!

Latest Results: SK Gaming sore to the top with an impressive 18-10 record. Fnatic came close behind with 17-11, and Alliance snuck in for third with 16-12.

The big story for me was Alliance’s Mike “Wickd” Petersen who finished the Superweek with a 3.1 KDA. He impressed me the most because he played a champion we have not seen too much in competitive play…IRELIA! With the unpredictable burst she can produce, it was hard for Wickd’s lane opponent Youngbuck to counter-play. Irelia is an assassin and a lot of players underestimate her power in the laning phase post level 4. She does have a few mana issues earlier on, and so she can be punished if the opponents know how to deal with her, but if she does get going (and she did), she becomes an unstoppable split-pushing machine. Trinityforce – Raduins Omen – Guardian Angel…once Wick’d accumulated these items, it was all down hill for the Copenhagen Wolves.

Stay tuned for more on discussion on the NA League Champion Series.

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Break the Meta – Super Week


We are halfway through the season, and the spring-split playoffs are just around the corner. TSM and C9 are looking like the most promising teams for first and second positions, but CLG is quickly ascending. Ever since their acquisition of Dexter in the Jungle, CLG’s roster has been crushing as of late. Last week we saw CLG bust out the recently nerfed Lee Sin…and WOW I can’t believe Dexter’s amazing mechanical skill! His ability to Kick-Back Dyrus everytime he tried to Dragon’s Accent onto the team was fantastic, his performance was definitely a highlight of the most exhilarating game by-far.

What can we expect to see in tomorrows final Super Week matches?

ImageSo far we have not seen much of the Pro players Breaking the Meta in competitive play, at-least not for champion picks… But GOOD NEWS!~ since we are playing on the new 4.3 patch we can expect great great things. For one, “RAISE YOUR WHAT?” … That’s right! the Donger is back in town, and he will be bringing with him a new form of utility to every team fight. In the EU LCS, Youngbuck from the Copenhagen Wolves already demonstrated his magic, when he carried his team with an early 4/0/1 lead.


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Break the Meta 2.0

As we saw in the DIG vs CLG match on March 7th, when KiWiKiD took a spun at Gambit Gaming’s innovative Amumu support, it is clear that Season 4 has opened the door to new and exciting team compositions and strategies that have never been seen before in competitive play. New gold generation items and team oriented vision control has greatly expanded build variations and viable champions; specifically in the Jungle and Support roles .

Breaking the Meta in competitive play keeps League of Legends from getting stale, and makes the game more fun to watch and mimic. League of Legends succeeds because it is always evolving and the teams who not only can adapt, but innovate from patch to patch are often rewarded with victories and fame. This blog is taking a new direction, and will now begin to analyze, cover and highlight some of the very interesting champions and build choices of the LCS pro players. Stay tuned for weekly blogs following the innovative strategies by the pros, and feel free to leave a comment and share your opinions on my analysis and reasons why you think the choice was successful or not. 

The League Review

The league review

Hello everyone! The SK-Gaming LoL.NA editorial team is proud to announce the debut of their weekly podcast! The League Review will feature @YouGoJoe, @SKRehlyt, @LoLDanheim, and myself @LolToxicvip.

The first episode of our weekly podcast starts today, this Thursday, January 31st, at 4:30 p.m. EST (22:30 CEST). The show will run for about half an hour and we will be discussing recent tournament results, the current patch, and the Meta.

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On-Hit Soraka

On-Hit Soraka



This week I explored the potential of ‘On-Hit’ Soraka. This build was designed for one purpose…RAPID FIRE LIGHTNING BANANA’s! AM-I-RIGHT?!… On-hit Soraka will devastate your enemies with high damage per second at reasonable range, in combination with her OP silence and AoE Q (Which reduces MR).


–       High mobility and kiting potential
–       Excellent damage per second
–       Can heal and silence
–       AoE Q that reduces MR
–       Shoots bananas…
–       OP global ultimate

–       Squishy
–       Her skills don’t scale with attack damage
–       Needs items in order to do damage
–       Really…there’s nothing negative about rapidfire bananas

Summoner Spells


I recommend taking ignite or exhaust with flash as your summoner spells. Ignite is great because Soraka needs that extra damage in the early stages of the game. You are squishy so take flash, for the clutch jukes.


mark9 Greater Mark of Strength seal 9 Greater Seal of Resilience

glyph 9 Greater Glyph of Celerity quint3 Greater Quint of Avarice

Take 9 Greater Mark of Strength’s to boost your early game damage output, 9 Greater Seal of Resilience to improve your defense, 9 Greater Glyph of Celerity’s to consistently have your crowd control skills ready for battle, and 3 Greater Quint of Avarice to improve gold accumulation due to limited creep score.


  • Offense 21: Standard AD carry masteries in the offensive tree
  • Defense 9: On-Hit Soraka is going to be in battle, so you will need to take armor buffs and health buffs to survive early before you get your items.

Ability Sequence

Max out Infuse first, the silence is necessary to pursuit enemies and catch them off guard. Take points in Astral Blessing next, healing on a dps carry is very useful. Sometimes it can be good to get points in Starcall at the beginning, however you won’t want to be casting spells, when you should be using basic attacks.



Beserker Greaves – Boots are always situational, however if you want to increase early game harass and overall damage output, then grab these.
Wits End – This item is great because it makes you a bit tankier and increases your dps.
Zephyr – attack speed, movement speed, CDR, and 35 tenacity
Statikk Shiv – New and improved lightning bananas
The Black Cleaver X 2 – 10% CDR; 15 armor pen; armor shredding passive; 250 hp; 50 AD… yup op
The Bloodthirster– Lifesteal + AD

Ability Power Zilean: Mid Lane


 Welcome back to BTM! I finally have a video for you! This week I played around with AP Zilean Mid Lane. Zilean is a ranged spell-caster with great mobility and an awesome nuke. Zilean was my very first champion in League of Legends and is still my favorite by far. Watch the video and enjoy the fun times with AP Zilean.

What’s the combo?

  1. Cast Time Warp on yourself to close the gap between you and your opponent.
  2. Time Bomb squishy target.
  3. Activate Death Fire Grasp and Ignite
  4. Rewind to reset your skills.
  5. Time Bomb again on the same target, triggering the first bomb to instantaneously detonate.
  6. Use Time Warp again to either continue to pursuit or escape in addition to your Chronoshift.


Ability Power Ashe



Greetings fellow meta busters! This weeks BTM is ‘Ability Power’ Ashe. Who knew how much fun pressing R could be? AP Ashe is radically fun, and exciting; it’s one of those builds that will make you jump out of your seat and  holler, “OHHHHH” when you snipe a fleeing opponent all the way across the map, or through the fog of war. One to one ability power scaling with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow whatttttt... Level 16 Baron Nashor steals whattttt… If you have never played AP Ashe, then you have been missing out on some great fun and laughs. This guide will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of AP Ashe, and help you survive through the laning-phase and the mid-game; so that hopefully you can get to spam your ultimate. If you are too aggressive, you’re going to lose; if you don’t get creep score, you’re going to lose; If you tower dive/chase, you’re going to lose; play smart, follow this guide, get the correct items, and you’ll win. I recommend playing AP Ashe as a mid-lane champion so that you have easy map awareness of both top and bottom lane.

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