Ability Power Zilean: Mid Lane


 Welcome back to BTM! I finally have a video for you! This week I played around with AP Zilean Mid Lane. Zilean is a ranged spell-caster with great mobility and an awesome nuke. Zilean was my very first champion in League of Legends and is still my favorite by far. Watch the video and enjoy the fun times with AP Zilean.

What’s the combo?

  1. Cast Time Warp on yourself to close the gap between you and your opponent.
  2. Time Bomb squishy target.
  3. Activate Death Fire Grasp and Ignite
  4. Rewind to reset your skills.
  5. Time Bomb again on the same target, triggering the first bomb to instantaneously detonate.
  6. Use Time Warp again to either continue to pursuit or escape in addition to your Chronoshift.